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Tourist Attractions


Odense City Information

Odense is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and the third largest city in Denmark. Its name refers to Odin in Norse mythology— Odins Vi ("Odin's Sanctuary"). The Odense map shows that the city is in the heart of Funen and home to more than 185,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, with a history stretching back some 1,000 years. History of Odense Denmark saw the Danish king Canute, or Knud, murdered in St. Alban's Church here in 1086, and some 15 years later the Pope canonized him. Long before Odense became a pilgrimage center for fans of Hans Christian Andersen, it was an ecclesiastical center and site of religious pilgrimage in the Middle Ages.

History of Odense Denmark has seen that Odense's tourism virtually lived off of the memory of the fairy-tale writer, but Odense today is no fairy-tale town, but rather an industrial might in Denmark. Its harbor is linked by a canal to the Odense Fjord and thus the Great Belt. In summer Odense takes on a festive air, with lots of outdoor activities, including all types of music, drama, and street theater taking place on its squares and in its piazzas. Cafes and pubs are lively day and night.
For the visitors to the city there are a lot of attraction in Odense in Denmark. There are lots of cultural events in Odense, foremost among which are performances by the Odense Symphony Orchestra. Throughout much of the year, concerts are presented in the Carl Nielsen Hall. During the warm-weather months, the orchestra's role is less formal and the groups are more likely to play outdoors at the marketplace in front of the vegetable stands.

Knuds Kirke is a center of religious life and a big attraction in Odense in Denmark. This lovely gothic church serves as a main cathedral for the island of Funen. The brick church dates back to the end of the XI century, although not much of the original remains Its current shape and size goes back to the XVI century, right before the Reformation. A visit Odense, it is impossible to avoid running into reminders of its most celebrated citizen, Hans Christian Andersen. A visit to Hans Christian Andersen’s Museum is a attraction in Odense in Denmark not to be missed out. The museum is situated in an 18th century house in which the author has been born and spent a small part of his childhood. It contains a smorgasbord of Andersen’s memorabilia, pictures and photographs, samples of his writings and artwork as well as a library that contains works of Hans Christian Andersen that have been translated in over one hundred of the world’s languages.

Odense city is not without active and lively nightlife. Odense offers several places for dancing. It’s the most popular and entertaining which attracts mixed crowd in town, including some of Odense's gay and lesbian population, who blend in with an otherwise straight clientele. The city’s pubs and restaurants serve as a meeting place and a chill out zone to the locals and the tourists.

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