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Tourist Attractions


Aarhus Tourist Attractions
»Aarhus Art Building

The Aarhus Art Building is located in the city centre, which is the largest exhibition venue for contemporary art. Many changing exhibitions portray a wide selection of both experimental and established local, national and international art. In June 2003, Aarhus Art Building opened a new extension, thereby doubling its indoor exhibition area and giving prominence to the existing sculpture courtyard.

»ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

The new art museum in Aarhus is one of the largest museums in Northern Europe . In the downstairs area visitors can enjoy the major special exhibitions, presenting international installation art. The large halls on the upper floors house the museum's own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day. The restaurant is at the top, and from the roof there is a commanding view of the city and the bay. At the museum street level there is a café and a shop where admission is free.

»Besættelsesmuseet i Aarhus 1940-45

This museum depicts the dramatic events as well as everyday life in Aarhus during the German occupation 1940 - 1945. Among the themes are substitutes, Danish humour and nationalism, German restrictions, military equipmeant and terror against the civilian population, Allied, Nazi and Danish propaganda. Allied air raids on Aarhus, and aid to the resistance such as weapons and explosives supplied by the RAF. The museum also in detail describes sabotage carried out by the local resistance.

»Den Gamle By - Danmarks Købstadmuseum

The Old Town, National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture the Old Town is the only 3 star museum outside Copenhagen. It is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days. The Old Town is a unique museum, welcoming more than 3 million visitors over the course of the last 10 years. Meet the people and characters of yesteryear, experience life as it was in their living rooms and kitchens; and smell the flowers right in their own gardens. Try out old children's games, or why not go on an exploration through-out the museums extensive collections and exhibitions?

» Aaby Kirke

Aaby Kirke is a popular church with one long nave, with a three-sided chancel at the east end and a west-end tower. The church was built in between 1872-1873 as a replacement for a previous Romanesque church. The church is very unusual in featuring the use of red and yellow brickwork to produce the striped effect in the walls. Granite blocks from the previous structure have also been reused in the walls.

»Aarhus Domkirke

The structure of Aarhus Cathedral has a long history. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Clemens, who was the Roman Pope 100 a.d. and who died as a martyr when he was drowned with an anchor tied to his neck. Aarhus Cathedral, dedicated to St. Clemens, was built in Romanesque style in 1201. It was enlarged into its present form as a Gothic cathedral between 1450 and 1520, at which time it received its magnificent altarpiece by Bernt Notke, the font and frescoes. The cathedral is frequently used for concerts as well as normal services.

»Brabrand Kirke

The first thing the visitor notices when walking round the exterior of Brabrand church is the impressive view of Brabrand Sø (Brabrand lake). The Romanesque part of the church was originally only 20 meters long. However, during the ensuing years, the church has undergone considerable rebuilding and extension work.

»Aarhus Ådal

Valley situated west of Brabrand Lake ; is a part of the subglacial stream trench that stretches from Aarhus to the lake highland in Midjutland. The valley is bounded to the North and South by moraine formations. The northern part of the valley is cut through by Lyngbygaard Stream. At the beginning of the sixties the valley was drained and Aarhus Stream was removed, straightened out, and diked in, which ruined large natural values. Today the valley is mainly cultivated fields and meadows, and a couple of small forests and bog areas.

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